A is for Anarchy


  • April 9, 2019

Gluing locks,

Breaking windows,

Smashing traps,

Feeding your community,

Occupying land,

Banner drops. 

Direct action is a multitude of different things, the common factor being relying on yourself and your community instead of the authorities to get things done. 

From small affinity groups, where friends get together to devise tactics and actions to achieve a set goal, to community wide actions like Food Not Bombs.

The government won’t save you. Democracy has failed. Capitalism will not liberate you, your community, the animals, or the world. 

All that is left is for you to take action.

Historically, direct action tactics have been used to achieve significant moves forward; during the 1970’s, Italy started rising house prices which prompted working class people to squat buildings and prevent evictions. Women helping organise an underground network of doctors and nurses to provide safe and clean abortions. The Black Panther Party in 1970’s and 1908’s in the so-called USA, where members provided breakfast clubs to feed hungry school children and provide health clinics to Black communities. Those tactics were described by the FBI as a significant threat to national security, simply because they bypassed the government and took things into their own hands.

More recent examples of direct action could be blocking prospective pipelines in the USA and Canada. Occupying the Hambach Forest in Germany to prevent massive deforestation. Organising food kitchens and clothing distribution operations in the UK. Hunt sabbing and badger cull sabbing, the list of tactics goes on and on.

To sum it up, direct action is cutting the middle man. Any action that relies on people improving a situation without relying on petitions, law changing and the government is direct action. 

Anarchism is based on the principles of autonomy, anti-oppression, and mutual aid, and remember, Direct Action gets the goods. 

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