Contact Us

Unoffensive Animal serves as a point of contact and information for many activists. For that reason, we want to make sure that everybody is taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety and anonymity.

If you want to contact us for general queries, to organize a workshop, to take part in a blockade or action or to join your event, you might want to use the PGP key listed below to keep yourself and your event safe and email us at unoffensiveanimal[at]

If you are sending a HIT REPORT you must follow this simple steps to protect everybody’s legal status.

  • Use a VPN and a Tor browser. Rise Up provides a free VPN here, and Windscribe can be found here (take a pick between the two) and you can download Tor here.
  • Encrypt your email using our public PGP Key, attached below. A very easy tutorial can be fund here.
  • Use an antispam email address that will self-delete after ten minutes.  One recommendation could be
  • Send an account of the action, a place, and a date if required and media if available.
  • If sending media, get rid of all metadata. Learn how here.
  • Do NOT give personal details including name, nickname or any other identifying data like group name.
  • Do NOT ask questions. We don’t answer HIT REPORTS.
  • Our receiving email address for hit reports is unoffensiveanimal[at]

All these steps are necessary for us to be able to publish your reports. If any of the steps are slightly difficult, NAALPO has a great little guide about internet security you should read and learn and can be found here.

Disclaimer: WE CANNOT PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH THE ALF. We don’t know who the ALF is or where the ALF is. We also won’t answer messages asking us to take part in acts of sabotage or animal liberations. Please visit “Who is the ALF” on the menu bar to understand how the ALF operates.

Our PGP Key can be found here.