HIT Report


  • March 15, 2019

28th February, Italy.

“The defamatory campaign against this animal, aimed at concealing lack of care and mistakes made in the past by human beings, must end. In Italy there are thousands of cages scattered in the fields, inhumane suffering and harassment to which these mammals are subjected before being brutally killed.

Killed with shovels, stabbed with pitchforks and / or any sharp tools (such as the one in the picture found by the liberators), or shot by cowardly hunters for their macabre desire for blood.

THIS SILENT EXTERMINATION IS UNACCEPTABLE. During the nights of February, almost 100 cages have been made harmless and transformed into works of modern art, and this is only the beginning …”.

via: https://frentedeliberacionanimal.net/2019/02/28/el-frente-de-liberacion-animal-destruye-casi-100-trampas-para-nutrias-en-italia/

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