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  • April 5, 2019

28th March, Bern. 

from Barrikade: 

 “We have decided to show our anger towards capitalist and exploitative meat production. 

We did this in the night from 27 to 28 March.  On the one hand we aimed at the windows of the Denner branch at Könizstrasse near Loryplatz.  The recently opened branch is not only an example of how wholesalers profit from animal exploitation, but also of the active role they play in gentrification processes.  For the opening of this Denner store, a self-organized, anti-capitalist project had to make way, which in the current Denner spaces has tried to revive the quarter and create a new meeting place by means of an occupation – without the obligation to consume.

On the other hand, we attacked a butcher’s shop in Länggasse, the Metzgerei Lehmann.  Even small businesses like this take part in the exploitative practice of meat production and are therefore a legitimate target of our anger.

The windows smashed and the paint on the facades are nothing compared to the violence that animals have to endure every day because of meat production, but also because of milk and egg production.

We join the struggle and hope that – as we have been inspired – others will do it too against exploitation, profit, racism, sexism, fascism, speciesism, the state and all forms of domination and oppression.

Shards bring happiness – and hopefully also freedom.”

Photo: butcher shop visited in Kent U.K. during 2018. 

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