Liberate Or Die – From Cage to Freedom



After the success of last year’s event we are ready to announce that Liberate or Die: From Cage to Freedom will have a second edition! The event will be hosted in Hambacher Forst, a landmark of anticapitalist and climate justice resistance, to amalgamate the concept of animal liberation to the broader ideal of total liberation.


There are many ways folks can help before the event. Maybe you want to print the artwork and distribute around your local vegan shops. Maybe you want to organise a coach for your group to come all together avoiding flights. Maybe you have ideas for workshops or actions. You can always contact us on our email and discuss any and all ideas you deem appropriate.

At the moment we are looking for a graphic designer (ideally German speaking) that will design some stickers. Other designers needed to create animal liberation posters that we might print VERY, VERY big. We are also looking for sticker printers that will do us a good price.

Although the event is free, there are some running costs, so if anyone is able to drop some coins our way, this is our PayPal link.


  • Action Climbing and Action Knots: “Learn how to climb a rope and set up systems that could help activists blockade a road, the entrance of a slaughterhouse or your least favourite university. No experience required!”

  • How to do a lock-on action: “Lock-ons are time-consuming and hard to get rid of. They come in different shapes, depending on the action and place. Learn more about lock-on strategies, the safe use of them and different roles in lock-on actions.”
  • Introduction to Hunt Sabotage // What is the badger cull?: “Tailored to mostly Europe we will talk about how to sabotage hunts before and during their ‘day of fun’. We will also talk about the UK’s Badger Cull, probably one of the biggest and longest direct action campaigns in current times, with the hope that folks from all around Europe will join during the next season.”
  • Who are the ALF?: “Arguably the most widespread direct action group in the world, the ALF has saved an uncountable number of animal lives. How do they organise? What tactics do they use and how do they correlate to overground AR? Why all the security culture around it?”
  • Lock Picking: “Have you ever forgotten your keys and realised that if you knew how to pick a lock you could use your pick sett to let yourself in? Look no further. Learn how a lock works and how to exploit it. For sporting purposes only. Of course.”
  • Violence and direct action, what is justified in the path to liberation?: “What is violence and what is self-defense? What can we justify on the path to liberation? Guided open discussion.”
  • How to sneak around at night: “We’ve all been there. You’re going to bed way too late and don’t want your housemates to be disturbed. Look no further! Let’s train on how to avoid being spotted at night.”

  • How to plan an action: “From underground to overground, a solid plan is needed before taking action. We will discuss how to plan, who to talk to and what methods of security should be taken before and during any action.”
  • Liberated; on micromanaging a rescue: “This workshop should give you some insight into the aftercare of liberated animals, to better inform your direct actions and give you some pointers for looking after them. We hope to pass on useful practical information and raise raise awareness of ethical questions for discussion and consideration.”
  • Primary care on rescued animals: “How to identify a life treatening situation on a rescued farm animal? What are each species specificity, sensitivity? What are the most commonly encountered diseases according to which kind of production was the animal used for?”
  • Occupying slaughterhouses, a tactic of “inspire to conspire”: This workshop will cover multiple actions of slaughterhouses blockades, how they were organized, what were their goals and what was brought to the antispeciesist movement by this type of activism. To help you understand how you can easily start a more radical perspective of activism with civil disobedience.
  • Self defence: “Get more self confident and learn how to get out of grabs and holds. Based on Krav Maga.” 
  • How to deploy and climb a portable tripod: “Portable tripods are little devils against the highway act. Do you want to stop a truck from coming in with animals, or from coming out with body parts? Do you want to stop a delivery of materials to be used to build a macro farm? Jump on one of these and tell the drivers to turn around.”
  • Long-term strategy: open discussion: “Where do we see the animal liberation movement in 10 years? Let’s talk long-term strategy – not just where we want to go, whether that’s the end of speciesism or capitalism altogether, but also how to take realistic steps towards getting there.”

(This list is provisional and subject to changes. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, please let us know! The same way, if you’d like to learn something specific or if you believe a specific workshop should be listed, contact us and we will see if we can find someone to host it!)



With our concept of Anti-Capitalism, we do not believe people should have to pay to learn, share knowledge and take part in actions. Donations are well received as the occupation can always do with some funds, but they are not necessary! The kitchen collective will have a donation pot and will be very happy to receive some donations during the event, too. They have gotten new equipment this year and it obviously has a lot of costs associated to it all!


We would like the space to be vegan and the participants should be able to respect it. We dumpster dive most of our food and although the forest has a divide between freegan and vegan diets, the Antispeciesist Space will remain fully vegan.


We are all crew. We all take turns to wash up dishes and to cook dinner, we all collect firewood and build a fire! From each according to their need to each according to their ability, do not be shy to help out! There will be shifts to cover in the kitchen, the welcome point and the washing up station for example. Sign up your name to the sheet and help the event run smooth!


From the content of the workshops and discussions to the focus of organising actions throughout the week, this is an action event. We want to see folks standing up and doing more than spreading veganism. We want to see accomplices joining the fight for animal liberation. Actions will be proposed and discussed upon arrival on Thursday and folks will be able to join different actions depending on their level of action and legal risk factor. After last year we have learnt to not announce an action day to avoid police action, so actions will be organised throughout, in and between workshops, and folks can join whatever they see fit.


We will be sharing the forest with others and many have lived there to protect the trees for
years. Some are VERY camera shy. Taking photos of the occupation is wonderful, but DO NOT take photos of activists without express permission. The same way, phones aren’t very welcomed in plenaries and workshops. Trust us, you’ll feel a massive relieve not carrying it around at all times! Respect for the forest is paramount. Please keep to the paths, leave the wild be wild and pick up your fucking trash. We all are one with the planet. Respect each other.


You should firstly bring yourself. Call in sick at work and avoid going to uni, what’s best; being a wage slave or fighting for the animals?

There is a list of things you could bring with you but if you don’t have
something specifically DO NOT WORRY, we will find a way.

– Sleeping bag and mattress
– Tent (This is actually quite important, if you don’t have one just steal it from Decathlon!)
– Rage
– Head torch
– Love
– Warm clothes
– Boots
– Hugs (but please ask first before sharing them!)
– Harness (if you have one)

We also believe it is important to answer the question; how should I bring that stuff? There are multiple answers, and one of them is NOT in a wheelie carry bag. Don’t bring your wheelie thingy. Seriously. You’re going to a forest.


If you are coming from outside of Germany, Cologne has great bus connections! Check FlixBus and get yourself here! From Cologne, you will need to grab the train line “S-Bahn” to BUIR. S12 to Duren will work, but google map it if you’re lost!

Once you arrive at Buir’s train station, go down the stairs and turn left. Keep walking over the motorway bridge and another 200m until you arrive at a junction signalling left towards Morschenich. Take the first sand road to the right and carry on walking on the sand path all the way to Jesus Point. There will be a sign telling you how to get to Lluna from there.

If you need more explanation, click on the link below:

Closer to the event, paint marks to follow will be posted.


Come whenever, come for the event, come before and stay for years or come for the weekend. It is up to you!


Yes. Food, smiles and a place to sleep, all for free. Fuck capitalism big time. We are here to change the world, not to become part of the system.

DISCLAIMER 1: This is an ANARCHO-VEGAN event. Nazis, right-wingers, sexists, transphobes and any other form of oppressive bigot needs to abstain themselves from attending. Also cops not welcome but we know you’ll be there, won’t you?

DISCLAIMER 2: Many people in the forest have “forest names”. You can rename yourself too if that makes you happy! We also don’t tend to ask for real names, ages, place of origin and all that stuff. Also, we don’t usually have IDs in the forest as folks like to remain anonymous if they get arrested. Up to you to consider your own security, of course.

DISCLAIMER 3: Last year, cops came to the forest during the event. Some folks got arrested with no legal grounds and UPiii spent time in prison after that day over seriously bullshit charges. We write this because although it is a safe environment, it is also a frontline. In case of police action, you should be responsible of yourself and decide to face the cops or walk away. Both actions being as acceptable as each other. A legal team will be set up for the folks arriving to the event and those who might want to take actions. There also is a very experienced legal team that is available 24/7 for anyone in and around the forest and particularly active during actions and police actions.

DISCLAIMER 4: Humans that live with furry animals are welcome to travel together, but let’s remember that the forest is home to many animals, from resident cats and doggies to wild boar, squirrels and deer. If some furry fellas tend to scare the wild animals, it might be a good idea to not allow them to hunt or to take them on holidays somewhere else. Up to you, but think of everybody. It’s only fair.