• April 16, 2019

Technology, just like a Farm can be broken into and infiltrated in various ways. What may seem secure to you as a defender may only take an attacker seconds to bypass; Why bother breaking in through a locked door when an open window is just to your left?
The same ideology can be applied to our digital lives, why would an attacker spend the time trying to access your Data, infiltrating your home, when the password to all your private accounts is “Password1”.
Although the previous example may seem unrealistic, I promise you, there are mistakes you may be making that are equally insecure.

With this Security series, we will try to highlight some mental and digital changes you can make to ensure your data is as secure as currently possible. With the right information and understanding, you can begin to take steps towards increasing your overall security, online and not.

This is the first time that we will be releasing tactics and tutorials for a highly technical and sometimes hard to understand topic. There are some systems and technologies that in themselves would require a separate Series to fully explain, we plan on making this information easy to understand for everybody, no matter your understanding of technology.
One issue with this will be that some Technologies are briefly explained and then never expanded on, we will be leaving links to places you can further your knowledge on a given topic, should you choose to.

On the other hand, if there is a topic that we haven’t explained well enough for you, then please make sure to let us know, likewise, if there’s a suggestion for something you would like to know, you can find ways to contact us here:

This will be a short document just to introduce the series, the next release will follow the template we will use throughout, either explaining a technology, system, Security Culture principle or useful application.


We’re going to make a sweeping assumption that If you’re currently reading this, you’re either thinking about or are currently taking part in actions against Animal Abuse and hopefully Capitalism.
If not, You just might not feel comfortable handing your personal information over to big data companies, who sell your information and influence you through targeted ads.
Maybe you’d also like to keep the messages and pictures you send to your family, friends, partner(s), private.
Whatever the reason is for you being here, there will be methods and systems you can learn about that will help you in the long run. Simply understanding the way technology works is the best way to make it work FOR you.

Sadly though, this means you either are or will eventually end up a Target for some Governing power that dislikes what you’re doing. Good news for you though, you can make it very difficult for them to tie your actions to your physical person.
If the Capitalist Rottweilers don’t even know you exist, they can’t imprison or influence you, Victory.
Sadly, The Government and Its Pets have some very clever ways of finding out whom an individual is, in the brilliant era of Connectivity and Sharing our lives on the Internet, their methods can be highly effective.

It should be no surprise to you that the Government (Wherever you are) can access most, if not all your online data, Your Phone records, text messages, emails, IP Addresses, GPS Location, Bank Records/Transfers, etc.
Hopefully you understand where we’re going with this… Why Bother with Security? Because It’s the difference between being mentally imprisoned by capitalist influencing/ physically imprisoned by the state or being Free. Sure, the Government are powerful, and Dystopia is scary but rest assured, there are still things we can do as individuals to make your data is much harder for them to use against you.

We just wanted to send out this introduction to give you an update on how this series will be working, Ideally, we’d love to release weekly additions, covering new topics, technologies, applications, etc but realistically, it’s likely to be bi-weekly / monthly.
As mentioned before, if there’s anything specific you would like us to cover, please mention it on a comment.

Until All are Free
Unoffensive Animal.


[1] An IP Address is a Unique label given to any Internet-accessible device.

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