• April 3, 2019

On the 3rd of April 1993, Tom Worby, a 15 year old boy attending his first sab was crushed under the wheels of the Cambridgeshire Fox Hunt’s hound van. After a successful day’s sabbing, the hunt had boxed up and were making their way back to the meet down a narrow, high-banked lane. As the hound van came up behind them , revving its engine, sabs scrambled for the roadside; however Tom’s jacket became snagged in the vehicle’s wing mirror and he was dragged some distance before he managed to gain a foothold on the van’s running board. Although he banged on the window the van kept going, and when Tom finally lost his grip, he fell onto the road and under the wheels. His head was crushed by the rear wheels of the vehicle and he died shortly afterwards.

Violence and reprisal attacks by the hunt are common and frequent for those who sabotage hunts. Tom is unfortunately not the only saboteur to have been killed. Only a few weeks ago Sheffield and Manchester Hunt Saboteurs had their vehicles rammed in an incident which could have potentially been much more serious. Members of this collective have been subject to hunt violence and attempts of intimidation. These attacks are only ignored by the police, and thus they escalate in seriousness as the hunt know their behaviour will go unchallenged. 

Tom’s death is indeed a horrific and tragic incident that should not have happened, but we do not want you to sit and feel sorry. We want you to get angry. We want you to get out onto the fields. We want you to act. We are stronger in numbers, and we cannot let the hunt and their attacks intimidate us. Find your local hunt saboteurs group using the link below:


We are not fucking scared of them, and we will continue to be out on the fields sabotaging their so-called ’sport’. Tom Worby, and all of our comrades who have passed, live on in those who fight.


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