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  • April 28, 2019

As most of you know, we have been working on a week long of actions and workshops in Hambacher Forst for a few months. Last year’s event was received very positively so we decided to go for it again, radicalising animal rights folks whilst pushing the animal liberation concepts to anarchist people.

Organising a gathering isn’t necessarily easy, resources, food, water, places to stay, actions, workshops, security and problem solving, all those aspects have to be covered in an attempt to make the event as successful as possible. This post is directed to all those who are thinking of coming or sure to be coming to understand how things will work.

We will have a welcome/info point during the gathering. This will serve as help for anyone that needs it, also as a place to request tools or materials that folks might need and other stuff like lost and found. It will also be the place where booklets for the event can be found, the main schedule (and any changes on it) and also ideas and places for actions. It is also the place where you can sign up to different jobs that people need to do, like helping out in the kitchen or dumpster diving. Pop by when you arrive as we need to write down how many meals you need and if you have any allergies.

A wonderful kitchen collective is taking care of us food wise. All food will of course be vegan. When you arrive, do let us know about any allergies. Food will be split into two main times, brunch (from 9am til 1 pm) with different bits of breakfast and lunch during those four hours, and dinner at 7pm. There will also be a small DIY kitchen where you can make yourself a sandwich or whatever. ALFPartout, our kitchen collective, needs help with food money. They will have a thermometer of donations during the event so chuck coins towards them for food if you’re able to. The same way, they need to buy some vegetables before the event starts so if you’re able to PayPal them some cash that would be amazing, you can do so on

Water will need to be transported from the Meadow into the barrio (about 15 minute walk) and working groups for this will be arranged so that there is always water access. Sign up for the water working group when you get into the forest on the info point.

A mediation team will be taking care of any problems that arise. They will also have a specific space that will serve as a safe space, either to talk to them or to simply have time out. They will be able to solve any problem or conflict with other people or simply serve as a buddy to talk to if you aren’t feeling too good.

An experienced team will be providing advice the first day of the event and will be on call during the five days. They will also be taking care of any arrests that could happen and contacting our lawyers if it is needed. Arrestee support is also organised in the odd case that it is needed.

As last year the police enjoyed coming in the forest during the event, we are taking extra steps to be aware of any kind of police action.

We have heard that actions are being organised, with different levels of risk and involvement. There is also a list of places you might want to visit or organise a demo, you’ll be able to find loads of info about actions and any help you might need to self organise. Although there might be actions on the works, we highly encourage affinity groups and self organising actions, and the same way we would love for those actions to be reported (from sabotage to blockades!) through safe means. As always, you can find how to report actions on our Contact in the website.

A schedule has been uploaded (hopefully for the last time) to give information about workshops. We encourage participation and not simply sitting to listen to someone talk, and it would be wonderful for people that speak more than one language to offer whisper translation for folks that cannot understand the language of the workshop. Let us know if you’d be willing to help at the info point. If anyone is interested in organising a workshop on the spot, go for it, or contact us and let’s try to fit it on the schedule if that is a better idea!

Folks should bring their own tents and sleeping bags. Sleeping spaces will be marked so tents can be pitched in spots where the ground has already been destroyed by the police, giving the forest a break from being destroyed. Stay within those limits and respect the ground by staying on the paths. There might be a few sleeping spaces in the tower if you are unable to bring a tent or we could try to find one somewhere, but certainly it takes a lot more time and effort for us so do your best to have your own sleeping arrangements.

Folks have been asking what to donate or how to help. If you’re able to, bringing some vegetables for the kitchen would be banging. If you’re coming earlier to help set up, we need BIG tarps. And we could certainly use toilet paper and hand sanitiser, so bring some too, steal it from work or something.

If anyone is interested in helping with money, you can donate to Unoffensive via PayPal:
or better yet, join our patreon team and help us reach our monthly target:

Unoffensive social media and mail accounts will not be managed from now on until the event is over, so please direct any questions to us TODAY over PM or email as it will be much more difficult to help afterwards.


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