Unoffensive Reports


  • March 29, 2019

On Monday morning, the cops came to Hambi. They announced, as it’s their standard, to be aiding RWE workers clearing the ground of the forest from objects that do not belong there, and to remove obstacles from the roads. As police has decided to do this on a regular basis, the barrios are more used to not having tools or material on the ground, keeping everything safe in the platforms above. It isn’t a surprise, then, that police grew more and more desperate to do something and decided to climb up an unoccupied treehouse to take down some of the walls. 

Even though they had said that no eviction or clearing of platforms was to happen, they only stopped when the first Hambis arrived and started filming. Meanwhile, a different group of cops was attempting to remove barricades in Crow’s Nest, a barrio east of the security road. Not long after, a tweet was published where the poolice claimed to have been the target of someone throwing poo from a platform. They uploaded a photo with what looked like lentil stew barely splattered on a hi viz and called their friends in the newspapers to get the lies around. A couple of hours later, the fabrication of proof by the cops earned them an arrest warrant for the unknown poo thrower. When people in the platforms said they would not come down, they immediately read an eviction notice with the intent of arresting said unknown person. 

The rapid action of people on the ground made the police retrieve and take their cherry picker out of the situation, and whilst night was setting in only a handful of cops with huge flood lights stayed, making sure that the poo thrower would not come down unnoticed. 

The next morning they started cutting trees down to make way for the cherry picker. Someone made the decision to give themselves up to the cops to avoid the destruction of the barrio and the cutting of more trees. The person was arrested and later released. That was the end of the eviction as the court order did not allow for any other actions to be taken but to arrest the unknown person. 

Today, the court case for UPiii started again. The judge found not enough evidence to send them back to prison and rescheduled the trial for April. We are sure that the date will come quickly and the best possible outcome will be decided. 

Meanwhile, the forest carries an interesting energy. It’s the strength of spring, quietly making its way through the stillness of winter. Woodpeckers building new nests, trees shyly showing the first green leaves, the sunlight touching the ground, and a fuck load of people working up above in multiple treehouses. The fight isn’t over. Not nearly over yet. But we are growing, we are many, and we cannot be stopped. 


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