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  • April 14, 2019

As you probably already know, we are organising a week long of actions and workshops in Hambacher Forst. 

The idea is to create an inclusive space where the animal liberation movement merges with other struggles, and where we can all learn to take action and to fight for a better world. 

The event is free (but donations are encouraged), the event is anarchist, food is provided and we are really looking forward to it! 

Today we can announce that we have the (still provisional) workshop schedule ready to be published. As you can see, there is no “Action Day” to avoid the police hijacking the actions as it happened last year. For that reason, people should be aware that actions might happen every day, and we would encourage folks to bring a face cover and some gardening gloves to look cool and trendy.

You can find all the info in the facebook event Liberate Or Die: From Cage to Freedom. or visiting the website page

Don’t forget to bring a tent and a sleeping bag, to bring a bag that is suitable for the forest, to pack half of the stuff you’re planning to bring and to think of what shoes you’re wearing! 

We are struggling to gauge how many people are coming because a facebook event isn’t a good indicator. We thought that if you’re coming in a group, you could just drop us a PM with the number of people coming from your group? Maybe then we can have an estimate of how many people to cook for! 

To increase the algorithms on facebook we would love to see your likes and comments on this post, so please, tell us what you’re looking for during the event, what you want to learn, what needs to happen and what could be improved from last year! 

If anyone is willing to help us out with cash, you could drop us a few coins over PayPal ( or maybe join our patreon team and donate every month!


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