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  • May 13, 2019

Seven days ago we finalized the week of antispeciesist actions and skillshare in Hambacher Forst. It has taken us a week to be able to rest and collect our thoughts on what has been an intense, exhausting and hope inducing ride leading to it, and then through it until the end. We have decided to split our antireport into two parts, for people that miss out to learn what went down and for people that came to reminisce and maybe learn some facts that they did not know about.

For about three months, a driven yet random group of dirty anarchists met every week to organize this event. All of it through mutual aid and with the understanding that we want to add to our fight whatever we can to be able to win. No one was paid. No one made any profit. We lost energy, we used time and put aside other projects, to make this event a reality. A highly trained medic team (that we luckily only had to use a couple of times), an incredible kitchen team, a mediation team (that spent most of the time giving out chocolate to random people) and so many other infrastructure and organisation were in place for people to feel safe, for people to enjoy and for people to learn. And we can proudly say that for the most part, it worked.

People from a vast amount of countries came to the forest to meed, to learn and to cause as much trouble as they could. And with them, the cops also decided to join the party. Twice they tried to harass our kitchen collective bringing water was to camp, and twice autonomous people delivered power and pushed hem away. At one of the confrontations, an 80 strong group of masked people from the forest faced the cops (somewhat pissed off as they were missing a workshop) and showed as much solidarity as they could to one person being arrested. With siting blockades around the arrest van and barricades being erected around the seven cop vans, the police keep losing leverage every minute that passed. Eventually, using force, pepper spray and the standard institutional violence, they managed to kidnap a comrade in a different van. The comrade would be released a few hours later to hear the news that almost a hundred people were happy to be hit by batons and pepper sprayed in an attempt to release them. Meanwhile, the police were anxious, worried and completely overwhelmed. One by one the vans drove off leaving a group of forty cops in riot gear alone, in the middle of a field. So the group of autonomous people walked them slowly, step by step, all the way back to the asphalt road. Ten long minutes they had to walk, backwards, facing the activists, scared of what was to come. And as quick as they jumped in the vans and sped off, people realized how much power we have when working together. It was a truly inspiring moment of solidarity.

Every morning we would wake up to new reports of actions in the area. Windows smashed at speciesist shops, chickens released from an industrial farm just on the border to the Netherlands, hunting towers falling, one after the other, angering the hunters in the surroundings of Hambacher Forst. And every day, in between actions, workshops and talks around the campfire, the concept of mutual aid kept shining through. Not one single time we run out of drinking water, even though people had to walk almost half an hour to carry the canisters in a wheelbarrow. We didn’t run out of wood, we had a team watching over cops at all times and toilets and rubbish kept being sorted without intervention. We managed to create a camp within a camp, and it was actually working.

One of the biggest and most important parts of the event was the incredible solidarity folks showed towards the activists blockading the slaughterhouse. There were dozens of people at each cop shop and possibly even more in front of the abattoir, even tho they receive the news of the actions just after coming out of their tents and possibly without even having had a coffee. That is our strength, and that is our biggest weapon. Solidarity.

We will talk about the slaughterhouse action in Part 2 of this write-up and we will slowly publish all reports given to us during the event under our HIT REPORT series. As an important note, some folks collected all the actions, camps and demos talked about in the Good Bye meeting and that list is available to anyone that email us so they can join from wherever they come from. Drop us a line!

As you all know, we are completely non-profit, we don’t like having money and we fucking hate capitalism, but this even cost us more money than we managed to collect, so if anyone has any coins to spare, please drop us a PayPal on unoffensive_animal

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Please contact us about the event at any time by any means and tell us what you thought of it, what you loved, what you felt needs improving and what you would add to it!

And keep inspiring us, all of you, as you already do. We are ALL wildfire. We are contagious. We are spreading. We can change this world.


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