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  • April 29, 2019

Around Hambacher Forst there are multiple villages that have been destroyed or will be destroyed to enlarge the coal mine. RWE forces the house owners to leave, temping them with money or taking them to court. Morschenich still stands, with a few folks occupying their life-long homes and a few refugees living in empty houses.

In an occupation like Hambacher Forst, tactics, but also goals, are multiple. For many people, creating an antiauthoritarian space, away from the ties of the state, is the ultimate goal. And for that reason, folks squat houses in defiance of the “property owner” RWE.

Last week a squat was opened in the village, and we would encourage you all to read the words of some of them:

“Amidst a quiet night, a group of 20 comrades wanders through a decaying village, heading for an abandoned complex of houses. They trudge along with the usual supplies for an occupation, this time carried in a babies’ pram – tofu sausages, spray paint, a megaphone. 

At midday, April 22, the Morschenich Autonomous Zone (MAZ 2.0) squat wasmade official. This village lies next to Hambacher Forest, Germany, which has already been occupied for some years by those defending the land from destruction by coal-mining giant RWE. The fight to defend the forest is nowadays quite well-known, but the proposed destruction of two nearby villages – Morschenich and Manheim – is often forgotten. So we occupied Oberstrasse 13 in solidarity with those whose homeland stands to be turned into a toxic hole, and also to see which possibilities for autonomous living might await.

Already from the outset, the state attempted to deny us breathing space. Back in October 2018, the first MAZ was created in Manheim, lasting four weeks. And so, driven by unfond memories of the adventures we enjoyed there, the cops laid siege to MAZ 2.0 almost constantly, making difficult (although never impossible) the flow of supplies, kettling and arresting many who attempted to join our opening garden party.

At midday, April 23, the eviction began in earnest. But even the arrival of cops in cherry pickers failed to dampen our spirits, and the games of Twister on the roof continued until the very end. Only by the next morning were the last occupiers arrested – all now free again. 

24 hours of autonomy – a bit stingy from the state this time round, but no doubt sufficient motivation for who knows what projects lie ahead.

In solidarity,

Some people from MAZ 2.0″

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