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  • April 2, 2019

So, today is the 2nd of April. That means in exactly one month, our week of antispeciesist workshops and actions will start. Because we want to make the experience as good as we possibly can, we need as much feedback from last year as possible, so comment on the post and let us know what would you change or do different this year! If you didn’t come but are planning on doing so this year, also tell us what you’re expecting! 

For anyone that doesn’t know what we are talking about, From cage to Freedom is a week of actions and talks hosted in Hambacher Forst. Aimed at showing the animal liberation community a different way of campaigning and taking action, we use Hambi, a landmark of ecological resistance, anarchism and anti capitalism as our host for the week. The event is free for all (yes, you heard it right, you do not have to pay £40 for a wristband) and food is included (seriously, you don’t have to pay for your food either!). You can find all the info needed in the event below:

We are also aware that Facebook event numbers don’t represent actual folks coming so we would really appreciate if you shared this post as much as possible and invited as many people as you believe would be interested. One of the main complaints last year was “I had no idea this was happening”. 

So, drop us a comment with suggestions and wishes, share around the post and talk to folks about it. Easy, right? 

In other news, we have created a Patreon. As the company took our last one down, we have had to change the looks and write up quite a bit, but we are hoping this time we stay up for a while! As you are all aware we’ve been going through quite a difficult time money wise and we’ve been able to send very little money to prisoners, mostly due to losing about $500 per month that used to come through Patreon. Help us get back to those numbers. Your help will be eternally appreciated. 

(I know, we always have the coolest handles). 


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