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  • April 8, 2019

Let’s start from the beginning; Liberate or Die, From cage to Freedom is coming along nicely. We’ve secured all workshops now and we will update the list shortly. We have also talked through security and what to do if police comes into the forest during the week of actions! All that, whilst building a third platform in Waka, we promise to upload some photos soon. 

We have a few workshops on the go, Valencia and Donostia have been confirmed, and we are waiting on Barcelona and Madrid. We will upload events soon. We are still trying to work on workshops in Scandinavian countries, Malmo asked for a talk during their anarchist book fair so it looks like we are going to get there in June! Also mid June we will have a whole day of talks and workshops in Ireland during the Wake event. 

We are aware of multiple messages asking us to restock sizes of merch and we are on it, but we don’t have enough funds right now to cover it. Rest assured that we are working towards a full restock, but for now, we want to tease you all with the new merch coming very soon, the Antispeziesistische Aktion design featuring red listed species in Hambacher Forst is about to drop in tees and zip hoodies. No excuses! 

Very important news too, A is for Anarchy is back tomorrow and a new and fresh series called “Technology and security 101” will start Tuesday next week. Both of those series are biweekly and we are attempting to keep up with the calendar for the near future. 

Also we want to extend our gratitude to anyone that has joined Animal Liberation Media’s Patreon. It is amazing to see the support and it would be great to see it growing up to their $550 target goal! 

 If anyone can join the Patreon team, the link is below: 



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