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  • March 18, 2019

We are busy. Really busy. Organising workshops in multiple countries and getting ready for the Liberate or Die event is quite a bit of work. If on top of that we have to face a serious storm that took multiple trees down in Hambacher and did some important damage on the treehouse, we really are busy. 

Waka suffered a bit during the high winds. Some of the beams need to be tied up again to make the structure safe, but on the other hand we now have all walls in all platforms. The winter is slowly giving way to the spring, and green is just bit by bit appearing everywhere. The treehouse has so many visitors now, the squirrels are back aiding havoc and a green woodpecker has the great need of building a bigger nest as soon as the sun raises, so we have a pretty natural alarm clock every day to remind us that we should get to work. Lluna as a barrio is growing. Another treehouse is almost finished, two more platforms are coming up soon and there is the beginning of a tower. Quite a lot of work, but we want to make sure that the barrio is ready when Liberate or Die happens. So if you fancy coming to the forest and help out building, please do! We could really do with more people! 

Liberate or Die is coming along nicely. We have the workshops more or less arranged and the kitchen collective has just confirmed they can cook for the week. We still have a lot to do, and a lot of promotion too, so remember to talk to your comrades and let them know about the event, maybe print some posters and put them around? We are also looking for folks to make stencils, are you or any of your comrades good at it? Hit us up over PM! 

We have a London workshop coming next week. Have you checked it out and are you coming? Find all the info here:

We also have confirmed workshops in Basque Country, Valencia and Ireland in the coming months and we are trying to arrange a visit to Scandinavian countries. 

After our little break, we feel strong to get back on track. Tell us what you think of Unoffensive, how we could improve and what you miss from us! 

On the money front, we are as fucked as we were before, except now we cannot really afford to place more merch orders so that might make things a bit more difficult. Hopefully soon we can get back up. We are thinking about somehow starting another Patreon account and seeing how long it lasts. If anyone is able to support us in any way, please consider dropping some coins on our PayPal 

See you in the next riot. 

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