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  • May 10, 2019

There are many things to mention in this report, so brace yourself!

Liberate or Die was a long, stressful and hard event to organize and to run, but we made it to the other side (and we took a little break to hibernate). We are now back on track, and we will be bringing you the content you love, plus a full report on the week of actions and workshops and a report on the slaughterhouse blockade we are working on.

There are multiple workshops coming in the next weeks that you might want to check out. We will be in Valencia tomorrow talking about Hunt Sabotage and about the history of the Animal Liberation Movement. You can find all the details below. We cannot wait to meet you!

After Valencia we are visiting Madrid and will be giving the same workshop on the history of the animal liberation movement and then a workshop on security culture on Friday the 17th. Event link just below.

Just after we will be joining our friends from Nor Antiespezista during their weekend gathering and will have a whole day of workshops with them on Sunday. From lock ons to security culture and lock picking, we have a lot to talk about. You will need to email them to get details, but check their event below:

We will be visiting the anti slaughterhouse camp in Binefar after that weekend and giving some workshops over there too, but we do not have the details yet so you’ll have to wait a little longer! After a visit in Binefar, we will be giving a workshop in Barcelona on the Friday, check all details below:

So those are the workshops we have ready for now, PM us any information about it or if you’d like us to visit your city for a workshop too!

Something to mention is that our series “INCITE, CONSPIRE, INSPIRE” is apparently banned on our facebook page. That means that the only way people are able to access it is through our website, and we would highly recommending checking it out! Our last Incite was about filling fire extinguishers with paint and you can find it here:

We also want to give credit to the artist that created this image for us, @grisdansmavie on instagram. Please go check them out! Do you think it would do a good tshirt?

As always, we have to mention donations. You’ve seen how busy we’ve been and how much traveling we are doing in the next weeks on top of all the other money responsibilities we carry, so if you’re able to drop us some coins, please do so over paypal on

Or join our Patreon team and drop us a few coins every month!

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