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  • March 22, 2019

We are aware that we’ve posted an update not too long ago, but we want to make sure that people aren’t missing good info that they might find important. 

We have a workshop coming up this Tuesday 26th of March in London. It will be hosted in the Black Cat Cafe and we will talk about the history of the Animal Liberation Front and also about security culture. If you live around the area or know folks that do, check out all the info below!

The animal liberation gathering in Hambacher Forst, Germany, is also approaching really quick. We are struggling to gauge the amount of people coming (so we can have infrastructure and food ready) and we cannot think of any way to account for folks without openly doxxing everybody, so if anyone has any ideas please contact us. All the info about the event, the workshops and the actions is on the link below.

To add to those two events, we have confirmed workshops in Donostia and Valencia and we are working on setting up stuff in Barcelona and Madrid. 

The (already promised twice) trip to Scandinavian countries is also being arranged, and we can confirm that we will be giving a workshop during the Wake event in Ireland in June. 

Any contacts from Barcelona and Madrid as well as from Denmark and Iceland would be appreciated! PM us if you want to organise! 

As you all know, we are still struggling a bit with money. We will try our luck again with patreon really soon, but we don’t know if that will work. At the moment we are at a point where we are unable to restock our merch or print the new stuff due to lack of funds, but we will very shortly work something out. For anyone wanting to support us meanwhile, the best option is to drop us a couple of coins over PayPal and maybe let other friends know that even a pound would help us! 

With a lot to work on we do not want to bore you any longer, so until the next riot.


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