Knowledge should be free. Hence why we would never charge for our workshops. If you are interested in Unoffensive giving a workshop in your area, simply write us an email. The only thing we ask for is that you folks find a venue to give the workshops (some of them require a projector) and that you help to promote the event locally.

Have a look at our workshop list and contact us via email if you are interested.


Who are the ALF?

“Arguably the most widespread direct action group in the world, the ALF has saved an uncountable number of animal lives. How do they organize?

What tactics do they use and how do they correlate to overground AR? Why all the security culture around it?”

How to pick locks.

“Have you ever forgotten your keys and realised that if you knew how to pick a lock you could use your pick sett to let yourself in? Look no further. Learn how a lock works and how to exploit it. For sporting purposes only. Of course.”

How to build lock ons.

“Lock ons are one of the favorite puzzles for cops. Blocking roads or kill rooms can be easy and very effective if you know how to build a long-lasting lock on.”

Animal sheds; methods of entry.

“So you want to film investigation videos but don’t know how to start. You’ve seen a stinky shed and can hear the hens inside but don’t know how to get in. You’re worried about alarms, angry farmers or a pungent smell. We will analyze texts from activists that have been there and done that.”

Violence and direct action. What is justified in the path to liberation?

“What is violence and what is self-defense? What can we justify on the path to liberation? Guided open discussion.”

Introduction to Hunt Sabotage.

“Tailored to the region, we can give an intro to hunt sabotage and strategies to stop hunters from their bloodthirsty fun.”